Pike fishing has been a popular specimen to fish during Winter. Some anglers like to use lures or dead bait to fish for pike. We only allow dead bait during the Winter season. The largest pike that has been caught, weighed up to 22lbs!


Pike season runs from October until early July. We offer spinning tickets during this period for £5 a day!  

Pike season 2021

Check out some pike that have been caught this season. So far we've had the largest at 17lbs - can you beat it? Send in your snaps!


Pike match - Round 1 winner!

Our first Pike Match winner - Kevin Thompson, member of the Snaggz Warriors.

Our runner up, Lance Baldwin. With it being tough conditions, the lads managed to catch a few jacks weighing up to 5lbs. Let's hope the big ones come out of hiding soon!

Well done to everyone who took part!

Late Spring 2020, Anthony managed to bag this big beauty, weighing 22lbs!


The winner of our Winter pike competition, Ian! Breaking the record by catching another pike, weighing 22lbs! Our runner up caught his, weighing 21.5lbs.

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pike gallery