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Up to 50 swims around our lake - plenty available for fishing!



There are 8 swims on the point, inc. some doubles. All accessible by car.



We have expanded our fishery with an additional 7 swims in the woods.



There are up to 7 swims on the island. A min. of 48hrs or more. Boat lifts charge £10.



We wanted to share Jack and Toby’s great achievement working for the Sustainable Land Trust. Thank you for sharing your experience, always here to support!


"Meet Toby, he's been coming down to Frisby Lakes every Monday with a Charity called the Sustainable Land Trust. Before October he'd never caught a Pike and is still only in his first full fishing season but is now completely hooked!"

"SLT have been teaching Pike Safety, fishery management, Strimming, Mowing, Tree cutting ect. Jack Robertshaw who works for the Charity said, 'It's a pleasure to see the progression Toby is making in his Fishing, Social development and general knowledge in the industry. He's gone from knowing very little about Pike fishing to landing his PB of 16lb 10oz, which we are both over the moon about.'

"I'd like to personally thank Dan and the Frisby Lakes team for making it possible and wish them well on continuing to provide such a cracking venue."

~ Jack Robertshaw

In the past, Frisby Lakes fishery focused only on carp fishing. We have now opened the fishery with more options in fishing other specimen, however, carp fishing remains a favourite for most anglers. Our stock of carp consist from 200 - 350, with a range of common, mirror and more, weighing up to 35lbs. In summer 2020, we had our largest carp caught on record, weighing 31.2lbs! Who will beat the record next?



Frisby's Favourites

Bailiff's tips:

"In the summer, I use fish meal boilies. Blow back rigs and large micro-barbed hooks are my favourite. I like to loose feed boilies over my spot, I'd never use particle unless fishing for tench and bream. I've used Ronnie Rigs where the lake bed allow good presentation and Heli safe lead systems."


Pike fishing has been a popular specimen to fish during Winter. Some anglers like to use lures or dead bait to fish for pike. We only allow dead bait during the Winter season. The largest pike that has been caught, weighed up to 22lbs!


Pike season runs from October until early July. We offer spinning tickets during this period. 



Anlger's tip:

"During Pike season, sometimes I fish single circle hooks with mackerel deadbait for the first time, which works well. Lots of takes from small fish too, which looks good for the future."

Frisby's Favourites



We also have a variety of other coarse fish, from Bream, Roach, Rudd, Zander, Perch and Chubb (found on the riverside).

Which are your favourite to target?



One of our rare old Zanders

BaitBucket Tackle tips:

"For Bream - sweetcorn & maggots on a feeder or pole. Zander - jig on lure rod. Perch - worm on a running rig or dead red maggots on a float and Roach - maggots on a float." ~ Kieran

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