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Lately, Tench have been one of our popular specimens at Frisby for fishing and we intend to make that grow!

Our recent stock check found the largest tench weighing up to 12lbs.

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Promoting Tench fishing at Frisby Lakes Fishery!



"THE LAKE has really switched on for tench over the past few weeks, with some anglers having enjoyed memorable sessions lately. One chap had 52 fish over a three-day session from the middle car park area, while another visitor had 17 fish from the Island!

"Tactics-wise, the maggot
feeder has been working really well, fished helicopter-style. However, in some areas there is a lot of blanket weed about at the moment, so a good approach to use if you just want to keep things simple and get a few bites is to fish a flatbed Method feeder with groundbait, and have your hookbait hidden away in the feed. Doing this will ensure that you a decent presentation even if the feeder ends up landing on the weed.

"Another option is to start your session by introducing a decent hit of loosefeed over a spot. The tench, and other species, will soon clear this for you when they get their heads down, leaving you with a clear area to fish over.

"There are lots of features to target around the lake, and fishing next to the lilies is a popular choice with many visitors. Watching a float tip sat by the pads is a lovely way to spend the day!"

Dan's double trouble #Tinca


Angling Times, May 17th 2022

catch reports


Breaking Surface Fishing

The Breaking Surface lads did a 4 night session at Frisby, breaking records! They managed to bag plenty Tench from various shades and size.

Great session guys! #TenchTrappers

Greg [B.S]

Craig [B.S]

"Whey hey, another annual trip to Frisby Lakes completed. Me and Rossi did 4 nights with Greg, Stu, Lee and Dave doing 2 to 3. Got blasted with the west wind for 2 days into our bank then the wind switched to North and all bites dried up. The temp really dropped at night which further killed it, when I say bites it was mostly bream showing. When we go again I don't think we'll be putting big beds of bait down."

"Many laughs as usual and sorry to see Greg going early due to sinking phone... Fantastic facilities and spotless loo and showers. Take away delivered and village just 3 mins by car. Beautiful place with excellent carp, tench and bream fishing." ~ Joel Booth [Breaking Surface Fishing]

Joel [B.S]

"We used flatbed method feeders with small 10mm scopex squid wafters and Heli Rigs with worms as hookbait."

Breaking Surface Fishing tip:

Sustainable Land Trust

Jack works for the Sustainable Land Trust charity. He often fishes at Frisby with his friends. Sometimes he also coaches other students in fishing. Check out some of their catches!


We have had many children and young adults with disabilities/special needs learning to fish at Frisby, even if it's to get outdoors.

Get in touch if you'd like to use our fishery for any coaching sessions or for school groups.

"We braved the winds today to get some well earned fish on the bank. A relatively fruitless morning saw a flurry of fish from 2pm onwards. The Tench and Bream really got there heads down over the baited areas which resulted in 8 fish, biggest being a new Pb for Ben, at 5lb 10oz. Great day's fishing."

“Fished again on Sunday. Pre baiting lightly with corn the day before paid off as we managed to get Two Tench and Two Bream aswell as a good bag of Silvers up to a pound. Finding a clear patch was key as all fish were caught in those areas.” 

“We had 57 fish in total on the point, between Wednesday - Friday morning, all Tench, Bream and Carp.”

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Frisby's Tinca Favourites

Ted's catch! 'The black liquorice'

Our angler's Tench tips!

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"Best bait used for catching Tench - sweetcorn and worms."


"Feeling the feeder/lead down to make sure you are fishing on a weed-free patch is imperative."

Bait Bucket Tackle/BNKD member:

"Method feeder pellets and a pink hook bait, they love it!"

Daniel/Snaggz Team:

"BP milling gold!"

Have you been Tench fishing at Frisby?

Are you interested in Tench fishing?

Then come along and have a go! We have some of the best quality and quantity of Tinca! From a range of size and colour - golden to dark, like Ted's catch above! Caught in one of the swims on The Point.

Send us in your Tench photos, to be featured on our TenchTrappers page.

'Promoting Tench fishing at Frisby Lakes Fishery'

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#TincaTinca #TenchTrappers


Bob Roberts

June 2021, we had the pleasure of meeting Bob Roberts, who came to visit Frisby Lakes. He spent the day fishing in the Boys Pit, our private lake. He ended his session with an amazing result with a bag full of tench! True Frisby style! Bob was surely proud.

Read more from his article, issued in the IYCF magazine (issue 378)


Have you been Tench fishing at Frisby Lakes?

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