Frisby Lakes Fishing Rules



1 - ALL Anglers must use a minimum size of 42" landing net and use a large padded unhooking mat or cradle for all species of fish.

2 - Mats must be totally dry before use

3 - A maximum of 3 rods per angler are permitted

4 - ALL fish to be returned to the water after capture, as quickly as possible          

5 - All particle baits must be bought from the site only

6 - No Tiger Nuts unless bought from the site

7 - Branded pellets only

8 - No live baits. All dead baits must be purchased from the Lake Managers

9 - A minimum of 15lbs line or braid (0.35 diameter) must be used 

10 - No Braided Mainline. Spods & Markers only

11 - Rigs can be inspected at any time

12 - Barbed and micro barbed hooks only

13 - No rods to be left unattended at any time or for any reason

14 - No fixed leads including marker rods

15 - The removal of any fish from the Lake will be viewed as a criminal act

16 - Fishing is permitted with rod and line and one hook only per line

17 -  Please use the toilet facilities provided - not the bank of the Lake

18 - The sacking or retaining of fish is permitted for 1 hour only, day or night

19 - No fishing of the Boys Pit without prior arrangement with a Lake Manager

20 - The use of spinners or lures is not permitted between 1" April through to 1st Oct, subject to management

21 - All predator fishing requires a wire trace with a minimum strength of 15lbs

22 - Recreational drugs will not be tolerated

23 - Keep net use with Lake Managers permission only

24 - No pike gags to be used In any unhooking situation

25 - No open fires, BBQs must not damage the grass, cookers are fine

26 - ALL Anglers must own a current rod license if required by age

27 - Bait boats are permitted

28 - The Lake will host Annual Charity matches where all proceeds go to the chosen Charity. No Club or team can book the Lake exclusively

29 - Please take notice of any temporary signs displayed around the Lake by the Lake Managers 

30 - Car parking is in the Main car park or No. 2 car park only

31 - Wading is at your own risk

32 - Day or Night tickets MUST be purchased BEFORE fishing

33 - Carp Care kit must be with you at all times

34 - All capture photos will go on display

35 - Any snagged fish must be reported to the Lake Manager. No pulling for a break

36 - Please report any untoward activities to a Lake Manager

37 - Take all litter home and leave pegs clean for fellow Anglers

38 - Abuse to any member of staff or other person will not be tolerated




Contravention of any of these rules will lead to a lake ban

These rules are for the benefit of the fish, the fishery and users of the lake


Should a Lake Representative be required for any reason, please call 07495 632909


Thank you for your co-operation.