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  • NO LITTER whatsoever to be left behind.

  • Used fishing line (only) can be recycled in our A.N.L.R.S pipe bin (next to our shop door).

  • Abuse to any member of staff or other anglers will not be tolerated. Immediate BAN follows. 

  • Recreational drugs will not be tolerated. Immediate BAN follows.  

  • No vehicles to be driven around the lake.

  • Cars (only) can be driven and parked by pegs on the Point,

  • Vehicles can be driven and parked in middle gated car park.

  • Toilets and facilities must be kept clean after use. 

  • Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a lead or close by. 

  • No fishing on the boys pit unless arranged with management.

Fishery rules


​Tickets & bookings:

  • An appropriate Rod Fishing Licence must be purchased and be valid before fishing.

  • You can purchase a Rod Licence online here

  • A ticket MUST be purchased before fishing and ALL nets must be dry beforehand.​​

  • All pegs booked in ADVANCE must be prepaid via CATCH (coming soon). Any cancellation of bookings must be notified within 48 hours and a full refund can be issued. All refunds will only be available at the discretion of the manager.

  • All bookings made through CATCH (coming soon) need to be shown to a Bailiff.

  • View CATCH app - Angler guide here.

  • View to book at Frisby Lakes Fishery via CATCH here.


  • ALL fish must be returned to the water as quickly as possible following capture. (Catch and release ONLY)

  • ALL carp/fish care need to be shown before fishing.

  • NO sacking or retaining fish. The removal of fish from this venue will be viewed as a criminal act. Immediate BAN follows.

  • Any 30lbs plus fish must be reported to a bailiff on site. 

  • Fishery contact number: 07495632909 or Dan (fishery manager): 07751280104.  

  • Any snagged fish to be reported to management, no pulling for a break.

  • NO live bait/fish to be brought into the fishery. Maggots etc. are allowed.

  • No wading allowed.

  • Bait boats are allowed.

Angling rules

carp fishing

  • Barbed or micro barbed hooks ONLY. 

  • Minimum 15 lbs line (0.35mm diameter).

  • A minimum of a 42 inch landing net and a large padded unhooking mat must be used.

  • Fishing only allowed with rod and line - one hook per line.

  • No fixed lead rings. All lead rings must pass freely over leader knots.

  • A bucket can be left in a swim for a maximum of 20 minutes. Buckets will be removed by staff after 20 minutes.

Carp fishing rules

predator fishing

  • Spinning is allowed throughout the year. 

  • Dead bait can only be used during season October - April. 

  • Dead bait can also be purchased on site on stock availability.

  • All spinners and lures allowed.

  • Braids allowed for all predator fishing.

  • Only single barbed trebles.

  • Barbless hooks are allowed.

  • A rubberised landing net must be used.

Predator rules
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