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  • How many rods can I use?
    You can use up to 3 rods as an adult and junior and up to 2 rods as an under 10 years child.
  • What Landing Net Size Do I Need?
    All Anglers must use a minimum of a 42" Landing Net and a large padded unhooking mat or cradle for all fish species.
  • Can I take the fish home?
    No Fish from Frisby Lakes Fishery is to be taken home with you, all fish are to be returned to the lake as soon as possible.
  • Can I use Live Bait
    Live Bait isn't allowed at Frisby Lakes Fishery and dead bait must be purchased from the Lake Managers.
  • Do you have toilet facilities
    Frisby Lakes Fishery has toilet facilities so please use them and not the bank of the lake.

Frequently asked questions

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